Multiple images today.

Birmingham and the towns around it in the UKs’ West Midlands, were the birthplace of the industrial revolution. The smoke belching  furnaces of the early steel works were what gave it the name of “The Black Country”. Scratch the surface a little and you’ll see evidence of the areas history all around you, but for a quick heritage fix I recommend taking the easy option and heading to Dudleys “Black Country Living Museum”.

Today was bl***y freezing, overcast and blowing a gale, but, with three pairs of pants, two coats and my trusty fingerless gloves, I survived for long enough to shoot these pics. Hand held, so maybe not as sharp as I’d want, but my tripod was peeling skin off my finger-tips it was so cold. Just for a moment, every now and again, the clouds cleared and showed a glimpse of sun, so I tried to make the best of it.

Nikon D5000/Sigma 18-250 (and one shot on the Iphone camera….which one?)

Click any image to start slide show.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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