Sunken Barge

The main trouble with Venice is that it’s in Italy while I’m stuck  in the UK. Luckily Birmingham, and you can check if you don’t believe me, has even more canals….miles and miles of them.

It’s true that the waterways of Birmingham tend to be full of sunken shopping trolleys as opposed to lover-bedecked gondola, but for all that, they can still be a great place to wander, seeking the elusive photo.

Today I set myself a challenge. I gave myself exactly one hour to shoot five shots I considered up to posting here on the blog. This included driving to and from the nearest canal basin, so I guessed I’d bitten off a bit more than I should have.

Just covering the ground ended up being the biggest problem and five minutes before I needed to pack up and head home I only had three shots in the bag.

Not wishing to commit the ritual self-disembowellment that was to be my reward for failure, I did something I’ve rarely done and turned my lens to ‘Macro’ and shot the final two close-ups. I’m not exactly over the moon with them, but I like them enough to put them here and I’ve promised myself to ‘get in close’ at least once every time I’m shooting.

The first shot is of a sunken barge that’s home to a pair of moorhens. Unfortunately they dissappeared just as the lens cap came off..C’est la vie. I’m not sure why but the tree shot is showing in very low resolution on the blog page but much higher resolution if you click to view seperately…


Tree Silhouette



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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