Berlin.  I was there in March, and, as I do every visit I make, spent most of my time wandering around to an Ipod soundtrack of David Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop….This time I even revisited U2s ‘Achtung Baby’… My God, it’s a city that can make even Bono sound cool.

I was in the city to take shots concentrating on shapes and patterns.These shots were in the ‘not quite made it’ pile, but I’ve been meaning to open them in Photoshop for a while and see what they’d suggest.The comic book treatment seems to suit the city, certainly my impressions of it over the years.

I first went way, way, way back in 1979 when West Berlin was a few square klicks of walled-in, 24 hour madness in the midst of the Eastern Block and probably the most exciting city I’ve ever been in. Even now, grey haired and decrepit it still gives me one hell of a buzz.

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