If you read yesterdays post you will know I was waxing lyrical about having used the camera on my phone, (something I’ve rarely done in the past, and only if my DSLR or compact had been unavailable for some reason), and how much I’d enjoyed the experience…Great! But why, whenever I find something new and exciting does it always seem to end up costing an arm and a leg?

I obviously enjoyed yesterdays forced experiment so much that today I’ve ended up with a lovely new toy..A Samsung Galaxy S2 phone with its fantastic 8.0 megapixel camera, and what you see here are the initial results. (There may well be some more over the next few posts, as I took a ‘green’ series, a ‘red’ series and a ‘yellow’ series in addition to the ‘blue’ series below).

The phone came from O2 in the bag above which I shot using an app camera called ‘Retro’….The other shots were all taken using the standard camera on the phone. I’ve colour balanced them and sharpened them up a little, but considering they were taken in the dark with no flash, I can’t get over the results. Obviously you can’t compare a telephone camera and a Pro style DSLR but I reckon the important thing is whether using something rings your bell…Tonight is the first time in an age that I’ve been so desperate to take some shots that I’ve been out in the dark to do it, (at minus 6 degrees), and enjoyed every single minute….Photography really shouldn’t be all about the gear. Bags of lenses and state of the art cameras are great, but tonight the freedom of having just one button to press was an absolute joy.

CLICK on any image to show gallery

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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