These shots were taken last night, just down the road from the blue lit building in yesterdays post. They’re shot from a car-park at the back of a bank where the trees and walls are floodlit in a poisonous green. Apart from the lights which are focused quite high it was pitch black so I had to lie down with my (lovely) new Samsung Galaxy S2 camera phone, (it’s gorgeous), resting on my rolled up jacket to get some stability. Like yesterdays shots, I’ve post processed these, but this time more heavily. I’ve distorted perspectives, accentuated the greens, used a high pass filter effect, and sharpened them to within an inch of their lives to give them a comic book “Gotham City” kinda vibe. They’re probably in that grey area where the actual  photography is just a stepping stone in designing an image. Purists be damned, I quite like them and the process made me think in a different way. (Oh, and did I mention my sexy new camera phone?)

CLICK any of the shots below to open the gallery.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      A beautiful slim Korean model that responds to my every touch….And the really good thing is, my wife now has one as well. You can imagine the fun we’re having together…
      ??? What ???
      On a more serious note, it was the middle shot that most appealed to me…That’s the one that I did least with in Photoshop..I took it flat on my back directly up into the tree…Like your shots its all about the ‘point of view’.


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