Dudley in the West Midlands, where even the dogs walk in twos…If ever anyone was stark-staring mad enough to go out at night, they’d see streetlamps lighting up the front of the town hall, (perhaps the towns only building worth seeing at any time of day…?)

This is another night time camera phone shot, (DSLR in Dudley after curfew? I think not), which I’ve tried  HDR toning, to add a bit of drama. I like the spooky feel.

In fact… I feel a bit of a project coming on…Dudley is a town I know well, too well in some ways. I was born there and spent the first twenty odd years of my life there (trying to get out), so you’d think it would hold no surprises, but, I’ve never really ‘seen’ the town hall lit like this. So over the next few weeks I might well take my life into my hands, point my armoured escape vehicle in that direction, and see what else I can find after lights out..Wish me luck.



















All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. mick timpson

    Fantastic….I know Dudley too but then when you look at places you think you know you can always find something new. It all depends how you look. Good luck with the project …there are other things out there to be discovered. Everything and everywhere can be a Lewis Carol moment…


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