Sorry about the title but there’s a valid reason…..I’m just thankful that seagulls don’t tend to fly at night here in the midlands or things might have been a lot worse.

I decided to venture out into the night again and headed for the spire of the church of St Thomas as I thought there was a good chance it might be floodlit. The pipistrelle bats that were soon flying round my head couldnt have known that, but they had sussed that the air was full of gnats and midges and a good place to fill up. You can guess the rest.

The treeline shot was taken at the back of the church where there was a light spill from a showroom down below the churchyard wall that made shooting the silhouettes a breeze. Finally the last shot is here purely for nostalgia…Boarded up for some years now, The Crown on Wolverhampton was the live music venue during the late seventies and eighties and I couldn’t walk by without taking a shot.

The shots were taken handheld on the Samsung and I’ve processed them using ‘Pixlr-o-matic’ and Photoshop…



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I’m going to try to leave the cameraphone behind for the next few posts…Its just too damn compulsive…

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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