I’m aware I promised I wasn’t going to pick up the camera phone today but the pull proved too strong….Good news though…I’m not going to subject you to the results as I do want to keep this daily photo blog as varied as possible, so for now I’m heading back into the realms of more  ‘traditional’ imaging…(whatever that is)..

Bologna, Italy… the start of last summer. It was the first trip I’d made with a lens that  now is hardly ever off my Nikon, the Sigma 18-250, and I remember how fantastic it was to have such a great ‘do-it-all’ lens for the first time.

‘ Travel and photography’, just whisper the words… Beautiful, beautiful music. But the two together can so easily become a nightmare…A long hard slog, totally bogged down with gear. A lens for this, a lens for that, a lens just in case, spare bodies, tripods, flash heads, reflectors,chargers, batteries……..Plus, changing lenses, no matter how quick it is, is a major pain in the khyster, even if you don’t have 20 odd kilos of Lowepro clad metal and plastic hanging around your neck..

Anyway you get my drift. One body, one (good) do-it-all lens, one lightweight tripod, spare battery pack, and (if you really think you cant do without), a flash head and bracket, is enough, probably more than anyone really needs for travel shooting.


The feature image is, and I hate to state the obvious, a garage sign in the city outskirts, in its own way every bit as beautiful as the two angels, while the building with the arched windows was the upper storey of a grocery.


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All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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