Those of you who have been here before will know I’m a “Sucka’f’culla”, but I realised last night I hadn’t got a single black and white image on the blog after almost a full month of photo-blogging..

Not Good!

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy!

So without further ado I hit the streets this morning, (frosty,windy,minus 2), and headed for Warrens Hall Park, a bit of the green stuff about half a mile from the town.

It’s Sunday, so by 9.00 am the place was overun with dogs and their walkers, frisbee chucking urchins, fishermen, twitchers, joggers and mountain-bikers…plus two guys under a tree in a single sleeping bag surrounded by 27 empty cans of Tennants super strength lager, (I counted)…I didn’t look too closely but I think I went to school with one of them.

Luckily I arrived at eight, so with the exception of the lager specialists, I was alone for a good half hour.

The light was average..not good, not bad..but for black and white I hoped I could get something worth the shoe leather. I used my trusty Manfrotto compact tripod, stopped down to F22, set the iso as low as it would go, and used shutter speeds of between 1/4 sec and 1.5 secs.

I’ve cropped in Photoshop to get the wide format as I though it suited the images and I’ve tweaked the curves a little.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    Hi Hellen…
    I was kicking myself even as I walked away….But.. I could see one, very muscular, tattoooed arm, and Tennants super strength is known locally as ‘Nutter-fuel’………Drunken, body building, same-sex sleeping bag partners would not, (I surmise), say “cheese” on demand……
    Heigh-Ho..A missed opportunity, but I live to snap another day……


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