So..I made it…My first month of posting images every day is done and dusted, and I’m breathing huge sighs of relief…I reckon if I can manage a month, I can manage a year, so thats still my mission.

I’ve tried whenever possible to post completely current shots. Looking back over the month, I’ve only used shots not taken in January on four posts…At least that was the case until today….Today makes five….So I’m a bit dissapointed.

These shots were taken in Prague in the late summer and have been laying untouched in my ‘to do’ files ever since. I hadn’t completely forgotten them, but today, when I took a look for the first time on anything other than the camera screen, I thought it was a bit of a shame they’d languished so long. So..They’re not new, but somehow they seem it to me.

The first is a view from the Castle walls out over the city, and amazingly it was taken mid-afternoon with only the cloud cover giving the directional light. The second was taken only a few minutes before on the steep climb up to the Castle, and the third was taken….at some other time…!? Haven’t got a clue…Totally forgotten…Can’t even remember where in the city it was…..This is why it’s best to use current shots.

Anyway I hope you like them, and, before I get going in February, I want to send out a massive thankyou to everyone who’s been kind enough to comment, or click ‘like’, or follow my blog…I’m really enjoying the whole process of shooting and posting, but it’s the people I’m getting to ‘meet’ that really makes it worthwhile..Big Big Thanks.

That’ll do…I’m sobbing into my keyboard.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        It’s no good Hellen…I’m just not ready for cold turkey yet…
        Besides I can handle it…I just do it for fun…Every now and again….No way is it a habit!…I could stop any time I want!
        I could!
        I could I tell you!!!!

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks so much..Yes Krakov is beautiful..Trouble is I’ve been a bit of a plonker and the Photos here are of Prague…I know…What an Idiot!
      I was in both cities in quick succesion and obviously labelled my files while my brain was in sleep mode…I’ve changed them now and updated the post so if you don’t tell anyone neither will I.


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