I had another early morning visit to Warrens hall Park today…30 minutes there and back, so I didn’t shoot a lot, but did get these two images from the partly frozen pool which I quite liked. I hope you like them, (or if not I hope you hate them), because as far as I’m concerned the point of photography is to find some way to stimulate an emotional response of some kind…If an image manages that, (by whatever means), I reckon that to some extent it’s a success, and that brings me to the point of this post…

I spent a few hours this afternoon with another keen photographer and ended up having one hell of a row. He refuses point blank to do any post processing whatsoever to his shots…if he can’t do it by lens and light alone, then he’s not interested. I think this is a perfectly valid discipline to adopt, and because he’s extremely accomplished he produces some amazing results. I really admire a lot of the shots he takes.

Unfortunately however, my good friend Tony is a patronising, opinionated, self important, blinkered Luddite..

( Yes, he does read this, and I’m only repeating what I said earlier, before he hit me…)

He reckons that any shot that’s been post processed is dishonest…that it’s a sham, and a cheat, and a fraud…and he maintains that ‘Bloody Buggerin’ Digital’ is killing photography….

I myself switched to a Digital camera relatively late in the game, and only discovered ‘Photoshop’ and post processing at the end of last year, but as far as I’m concerned if it gets people shooting, creating images, whether ‘real’ or adapted/distorted/embellished, then I think its a good thing. Sure, sometimes it’s great to know that the image is a completely pure recording of a moment, but as long as you try to approach something creatively, is it really that wrong to ‘reach into the tool box’?

Both of these were taken on my Nikon D5000, handheld, and both have been tweaked in Photoshop Raw.. A little bit of sharpening, adjustment of levels and some added vibrancy…So sue me.

All ‘Fake’ Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      That’s it…the results are the thing.I try to think of it in the same way as I think of a tripod or a remote release..Simply use it when it helps you get the results you want…When you dont need it, leave it in the bag.
      Cheers Alexandru


  1. hellenjc

    I sit on the fence a bit about post processing.. Do have photoshop but don’t know how to use it! Do crop, add a bit of contrast and crisp photos up when needed but apart from that don’t alter my photos… but I think in principle there is nothing wrong with it …….hmmmm don’t really like to see photos passed off as not having been touched when they obviously have been .. and do love to see an obvioulsy altered photo that is obviously a work of art…
    by the way Stuart did you see your name in lights on my Elf’s hat post?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Sitting on the fence is often the best place..two sides to every argument.
      Some shots need nothing at all…some benefit from subtle improvements, sharpening, contrast, cropping etc. These can make so much sense with so many images…and sometimes throwing the kitchen sink (post-processing wise) at a shot to produce something vastly different can be really liberating…
      I just take umbrage when someone, so totally dismisses something that can be such an amazing resource when used creatively, completely out of hand..especially when they consider themselves a ‘creative’…

      I’ve only just logged on this evening so your post is as yet uncharted….Elf’s hat?
      I’ll be straight over….


  2. scillagrace

    I often refer to myself as a Luddite, but I try to veer away from dogmatism. Today, we speak of post-processing; in the past, it was simply ‘processing’. Those Luddites who still mix their own chemicals and make decisions about when to remove a print from the bath…are they being dishonest, manipulating the end result?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Dodgin’n’burnin’….cross processing…lithing…the list goes on…post-processing in a pre-digital, pre-photoshop age.
      My Buddy(who loves his darkroom), is surprisingly quiet when these things come up..


  3. marinachetner

    I think these shots are great, and as long as they tell your story about what the atmosphere felt like on that day, then who’s to judge? Then again, I am an amateur and do love my Nikon D5000 retouch menu. I haven’t even attempted a software program.


      1. marinachetner

        Thanks Stuart – I need to dedicate some serious time to learning. If only I did this a decade ago! Thanks for the link – I’ll keep you posted though I don’t anticipate it to be just yet šŸ™‚

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