Regular visitors will remember I had a romantic moment last week, ( that’s not what I mean.  Leave your filth at the door), and bought the exquisite Love Goddess, Mrs SHpics a bunch of roses, (4 quid from the newsagent).  The great news is, they’re still going… pretty much on their last legs, but still going. ( Which is a little like me).

Anyway to cut to the chase, I took a very ‘kwik pic’ on my phone this morning and have spent a while this evening, trying to come up with a design suitable for a cover of a personal progress file she needs to prepare for a course she’s currently doing..

As ever, she fully briefed me on her requirements….”Cheerful, colourful, rectangular, and be finished by 7.00pm as you’re cooking dinner!”

Well it’s 6.20, so I’ve just time to post and then I better go and put my pinny on. She gets very fractious when she’s hungry.

I did two versions…My favourite at the head of the post, and another less succesful, ( too literal I think ), version below.

Oh, and a small pic of the original phone image.
























All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde





  1. marinachetner

    Stuart! I like them both – the top for the colour, and the second, for the literal reality. Just my perception though very creative. I can imagine it as a painting – huge canvas! (I know it is for a file though might be a nice present for Valentine’s Day)


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