I absolutely hate snow….Just don’t get me started about how much I hate it coz no-one likes to see a grown man cry.

I was all set for a day in the hills with my camera and sandwich box when the unthinkable happened and the white stuff appeared…As a photo taking type I know I should view this as an opportunity but its just too damn cold and wet, so I’ve locked the doors, left the camera in the drawer and eaten my sarnies in front of the fire.

I dug myself out of the armchair for long enough to post these shots of the Welsh coast taken a couple of years ago on my fuji compact, point and shoot special. Look…No Snow! Hurray!

If it’s fine tomorrow I’ll post something new, but if not, will someone bring me a newspaper and some chocolate?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan hyde

  1. hellenjc

    Well I say good on ya snow ‘cus if it hadn’t been snowing we might not have seen these great shots! . I’m normally with you on the snow thing Stuart but confess to be dying to photograph some now I’ve got my new camera !


  2. marinachetner

    Stuart! I am from Australia – the land of beaches and sun, and even I am starting to look forward to snow. Just to photograph in it! Anyway, as the images above are a relief to you… I cannot argue. They are great.


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