Those Brits amongst you will know that the first in line to our throne is widely reported as having a penchant for talking to vegetation…(Though ‘penchant’ probably sounds a bit too Gallic to apply to Good Prince Chuck..sorry Old Boy)..Anyway today, I had an animated chat with a Spruce….This sort of stuff:

“Look at you with your leaves still on…Aren’t you a beauty?…..You’re giving those baldies something to think about aren’t you?”…(this with a nod to the silver birch in the shot above).


” Just stop moving about for a couple of secs…It’s not going to take me long…Thats it..Lovely!”


“Oh now the suns gone in…You looked better in the sun…”

Now I don’t know if I always do this when I’m taking pictures of none sentient plant matter, but I know I did today…. It became embarassingly apparent, when I realised that a couple of old dears with a sad looking Schnauser had managed to creep up on me and were absolutely pis*ing themselves at my expense..

So, not only did I venture out into Arctic conditions for the sake of posting something new, I also managed to become an object of ridicule..

Just how do two pensioners with dodgy hips and an arthritic dog manage to walk so stealthily, thats what I want to know?

Ah well, c’est la vie..

Silver Birch and Elm in the wind, because I thought it would be good to have a wintery shot and below some Sprucey Piney evergreeny fellas because they cheered me up,( at least until Betty and Doris started cackling at me).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

      1. hellenjc

        Now, Now Stuart poor Birmingham ! … the upside of the snow is having something else to photograph…watch out for snowy photos all week 🙂

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks Kathy…It was extremely windy…Most of the shots were too blurry to use, but this one (pure luck), had just the right amount of blur to give an indication of the weather. Glad you like it and thanks very much for commenting.


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