Todays post is a knee-jerk reaction to yesterdays….

I’ve changed my Sensible Photography Hat  from’ Black and White’, ‘Super Static’, ‘Frozen Moment in Time’ styleeee to my favourite Snapper-Cap, ‘Ultra Mega Colour’, ‘Dont Blink You’ll Miss It’, ‘What The F*** Is That Anyway?’

I’ve been on the verge of posting these two, loosely themed, SPEED shots a few times since I took them at the start of the month, but today, after yesterdays very sombre post, was the first time they felt right…

The first is a carousel… shot hand held, iso 400, f10, 1 second.. and, with the exception of boosting the blacks, its pretty much straight out of the box.

The second is a lot more ‘messed with’. Again it was shot hand held, at f2.8, iso 200, 1/4 second…The tram was stationary so all of the speed blur and colour grunge have been added after the fact to get a shot that I felt would sit well with the one of the carousel. I also manipulated the perspective a little to try to get the impression of the tram coming out of the frame.

Like most of my favourite shots these two both suggest pieces of music to me whenever I look at them.  ‘Fireworks‘ by Siouxie and the Banshees starts playing as the carousel turns..and I don’t know why, but I can hear Rufus Wainwright asking,  ‘What Have I Done To Myself In This Vicious World ?’ as the tram comes towards me….

But, ‘Music and Photography’  is a weird one!

A friend of mine always has music in his earphones while he’s using his camera..I’ve tried this and it totally screws me up.. but, so often when I’m downloading shots to my hard drive, one image will get a song buzzing through my head, and the two remain forever linked…..

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde




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