The observant amongst you will note that this is my second post in as many hours…But… I am not cheating on my post a day! It’s just that midnight has come and gone. So, the worst that can be said, is that my post of yesterday was very late…Which of course means that today I’m incredibly early, and so should be commended wholeheartedly….Hurrah!

For once it’s not insomnia, simply that I know tomorrow (,  is going to be a bit of a mad one, and chances are, there will be no time to post tomorrow (sorry..this) evening.

The fact that I’m sat here at 12.45 has brought home to me just how compulsive/addictive this photo-blogging is…..(Note to self: remember to wash/eat/talk to the nice lady who I passed on the stairs)…

Anyway…..Two more COLOUR FESTS!

Slide and Swings, courtesy of the Black Country Living Museum. Shot on my Nikon D5000 once again…Sigma 18-250…handheld…

I had a copy of Enid Blytons ‘Circus of Adventure’ when I was an ankle-biter and remembered a drawn illustration of a circular slide like the one in the shot above..I’ve boosted the levels and semi-posterized to make the shots more like the illustrations I still remember… forty odd years on.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    Hi SG
    The dark and evil side also has its amusing moments, (as the kidnapped cheerleader locked in the cellar would tell you if I removed her gag)..
    But thanks for the nice comment, and why sleep when I can play with my photos?


  2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    I think there is something slightly threatening about them…don’t know why but just a bit ‘un-nerving’…but I’m glad you like them.

    I don’t know about flexibility..I think I’m just a bit of a dilettante….fluttering from one style to another because I can never find the focus to concentrate and work hard on getting good at any one style… so I end up just being lucky occasionally flitting from one style to another…One of the things I love about having switched to digital is the fact that I can shoot and shoot and shoot..The pressure of film was a nightmare for me.
    Thanks again for commenting Mimo.


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        This is a slippery slope you have us embarking on.. First its just an innocent sounding email, but soon we’ll be strutting our stilettoed heels in Piccadilly, which for you might be OK but I’m fat, fifty and male…a bad combination for anyone, let alone a Snap-whore.

      2. hellenjc

        hahaha… Hilarious !! …. fear not I have a bad ankle and can’t do stilletoes so you are quite safe from a not fat but over 50 female… 😉

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