At  a whale-weigh station!

(I’ve been looking for an excuse to use that joke for years..)

Two shots, both taken today, with a railway theme. The first is a view of Albrighton railway station, not far from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands…As you can see the rail network in the UK is bang up to date & cutting edge, both technologically and from the point of aesthetics…The second, which again illustrates the  investment being pumped into our public transport systems, shows a signal box just a few metres along the tracks of the Mostyn railway station in North Wales. (Click the second shot to see it full frame.)

In all honesty, though it is sad to see the disrepair that a lot of the smaller stations in Britain are falling into, they are often still incredibly beautiful places, and make fantastic subjects for photography.

Both of these shots were just opportunistic and taken as ‘Drive-by Shootings’..

Before I sign off today, apologies to the people I haven’t yet replied to who’ve ‘commented’ or ‘liked’ recent posts (thanks thanks thanks)…I’m still dashing around like a blue-bummed fly, but I promise I will be on the case as soon as I possibly can.

Both shots with the Nikon D5000/Sigma 18-250mm

  1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    Oh well…You can’t win’em all….I won’t tell you the one about the elephant in the fridge…It’s even worse!

    The colours really did need a boost. It was a terribly, terribly grey day…. but the structures were so interesting, and the colours behind the awful light, so striking, that just by boosting what was there, the photos suddenly improved ten-fold…


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