If you saw yesterdays post you’ll know I’ve covered a fair few miles over the past couple of days.

We spent an evening with family on the North Wales coast, but as well as stopping here and there on the journey, I managed to grab half an hour in the late afternoon on the beach at Talacre.

It was my first visit there and if I had known quite how impressive it was I would have tried to have stopped for a little longer. The Lighthouse, ‘Point of Ayr’, is currently up for sale for £100,000 if you are feeling flush, but for photographers its a cost free opportunity for some atmospheric coastal shots.

Unfortunately the light was typical for this time of year in North Wales, with the sky a uniform grey. I managed to catch a bit of reflected light in the water of the shot above which I pushed in processing, but unfortunately the other shots were mostly too dull to salvage…I feel another visit might be in order…We will have to wait for another dinner invitation.

In the shot below you can see the figure which I now know is a recent addition to the lighthouse. Supposedly haunted by a love-lorn lighthouse keeper, the lighthouse now has this new sculpture to keep him company. You can read about it here.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. marinachetner

        That’s what I thought – that it was cold. Though through photography, your images shows that welcoming beauty so you’ve really given us some great shots. Some of my favourites (And I do love the beach and as my husband says, photographing “grass”)!

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks Hellen….It’s easy to cross the line and change a shot too much while attempting to keep a feel of reality and I was a little worried that this one was a step too far…I like it but I’m very aware it isn’t quite ‘honest’…great excuse for a return visit anyway!


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