Nearly didn’t make the Daily post tonight…In fact unless I get my ar*e into gear and get typing a bit smartish I still won’t… midnight is looming.

Things are warming up here in the Midlands at last, so I thought if I was going to manage any posts featuring the frozen stuff I’d better get on with it.

Gas Street canal basin and the waterways around it, are always great places to shoot whatever the weather, but at dusk, with the reflected lights of Birminghams Broad Street hitting both the water and the fast dissappearing ice, they were more than a little magical…

These were all shot on the D5000 with very tatty old Tamron lens that I was trying out one last time, before deciding whether to PX it for something a little better/newer…No autofocus, which wasn’t a problem as I usually focus manually anyway, but incredibly slow so I had to push the iso more than I really like to…..The result… ‘noisy’ images… but I reckon the noise seems to work..

So often a ‘fault’ ends up being anything but…Rules are there to be broken….ANARCHY!


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. CreaturesWithInk

    I loved these photograph’s because they are different. Not the same old, everyday photo. I can tell you put thought into the shots and I REALLY enjoyed viewing them. Thank you and I can’t wait to see more πŸ™‚


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