According to my watch I’ve got 8.5 minutes to post before I miss my daily deadline so please forgive me if I dont have too much to say….

More shots from Birminghams Gas Street Basin…..and yes, they were taken today, I felt a return journey was justified..  I’m happy with the shot above which was a bit of a continuation of yesterdays theme….The other reflection shot I’m not so sure about…I usually like to have a bit more time with an image before I decide whether I think they should be posted but, that seems to be a bit of an inescapable problem when trying to shoot fresh if you want to shoot in the evening..

Anyway, see what you think.

The final shot is the first I took this evening while I was waiting for the light to die down a little…In retrospect I wish I’d managed to start a little earlier and done a few more of these more literal images rather than concentrating on the impressionistic stuff with the reflected light…Maybe another day.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi Katie…..thanks so much…
      My wife reckons it has something of the sci-fi cityscape about it…Now she’s said that I cant see anything else, so I’m considering using elements of it as a backdrop for a Photoshop composite along the lines of that Flamenco image I did a while ago..I did get a wall print of that so you never know this one may end up getting ‘Bigged Up’ as well..


  1. hellenjc

    Much as I love the colooursa in the 1st 2 I am very much drawn to the last one.. the colouors are so subtle…black with pale green and a little bit of pink…and it has atmosphere and that all important light… great job !


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