No, it’s not a firm of country solicitors, it’s what I found this morning in deepest, darkest Caunsall.

My mother has a friend who lives in this village, pretty much half way between Kidderminster, (home of the rug) and Kingswinford, (home of nothing worth mentioning), and every now and again I return to the family mansion, drag her, kicking and screaming from the Orangery, where she entertains the groundsman between 9.30 and 11.00, and shove her into the charabanc to take her for a visit. After dropping her off this morning I had an extremely fast walk along the footpath of the Stour where it skirts the village, and found this dilapidated old shed.

I was amazed by the range of it’s colours and textures so have decided to devote the whole of this post to it.

I used a tripod for these shots, along with a remote release, which allowed my to use the lowest iso my D5000 will handle (Nikon stupidly call it LO01, so I don’t know what it is)…

I stopped down to f29 to keep things super-crispy and used shutter speeds between 1/6 of a second right down to 2.5 seconds….I could see very little through the viewfinder or on screen so focused on a set distance on the lens ring..(Note to self…Always carry a tape measure, it was luck I had one in the car…a Godsend..

I find I hardly ever take the Sigma 18-250 mm lens off the camera these days. It does everyting you ask of it so well, and, I have an absolute hatred of carrying gear…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,’ One good general purpose lens should be all you need in 99.99% recurring of photographic situations’.

The light was dull and overcast but for pulling out the colours in this sad old beauty, absolutely perfect..I intend to go back and shoot some black and whites some time soon.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. scillagrace

    Thanks for honoring “sad, old beauties”…I ride by sway-backed barns in rural Wisconsin and think they all deserve a loving portrait. Some day I’ll be in the driver’s seat with a decent camera.


  2. hellenjc

    Love them.. I’m very fond of a bit of decrepitude myself … takes one to know one.. LIke Scilla I regularly pass a few falling down rustics…must try to stop and capture some of them..


    1. hellenjc

      This is especially funny Stuart because in real life I’m a Social Worker….working with older people !!! 😀 ( how do you know about the Cambridge Evening News ? Did you live down here ? )


      1. Stuart

        I’ve worked down there a few times…& I remember the paper being wrapped around my chips….
        No expense spared, I know how to live the high life.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Its amazing just how attractive the most mundane things can be when you bother to really look at them…I’ve walked past this spot so many times and never really ‘seen’ it all….Since I’ve started carrying a camera wherever I go, I’m amazed at just how ‘shut off’ I could obviously be to the things around me.


  3. ehoney121

    You’ve done it again, Stuart! I am yet again enthralled by the way you can take something like this (abandoned, forgotten etc.) and capture the beauty it holds within!


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