Now, just between us, I have to admit, unless I’m in some form of studio situation, ( which is very very rare), I really don’t do people…

People are this particular photographers nightmare!

They don’t do what you tell them….they blink…they expect to get paid….they wear colours that clash indescribably….they push to get to the front/back depending on temperament…..they have spots, bad teeth, misaligned eyes and halitosis, ( the latter might seem irrelevant but they’re the ones who always want a close-up)…SO NO! Wherever possible I DON’T DO PEOPLE!

Today therefore, was a problem…The glamourous but demanding Mrs SHPics, after thoroughly enjoying her breakfast in bed, instructed me which items to wash by hand, which to put in the dish-washer,  then parcelled me off to town with an extensive shopping list, leaving no time at all for the photo-trip I had planned…Consequently I did what I promised myself I would only ever do in the Far East, and took some shots at the market….the very busy market! People everywhere…AAaaaargh!



It was a dark, wet and dismal day, but under the tarpaulins the colour was waiting to grab you and give you a good shake, so I set the iso high, hand held with the shutter hovering around the 1/60th of a second mark as I wasn’t too bothered about being tack-sharp, and took around thirty shots in a one minute manouevre before running back to the car and hiding..Most were just too soft but I thought these three worked OK.




All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead

    Sounds like a fun adventure, Stuart! I’m with you, I don’t usually photograph people either. It’s okay to have people, though, as long as there is interesting food in the photo. Some of those fruits look positively delicious! Until I enlarged the last shot, I thought that woman on the right was giving you a sideways glare. 🙂


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    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Marina…joking aside, (for once), its really really kind of you to reference me on your blog….
      And just in case anyone wants to save themselves the bother of ever visiting ‘Noo Yoick’ go and have a look at Marinas pages…
      As good as the real thing..


      1. marinachetner

        I really enjoyed these images so am glad I could share them. (And, PS – Now you’re being too kind. New York must be visited in-person though I am happy to provide glimpses in between getting here 😉 Thanks for the shout-out!)

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I sounded like a right miserable so and so didn’t I?
      I actually really love people photography…I’m just not very good at getting people to relax so my results are VERY mixed…but with a nice long lens it’s great to blend into a crowd and take candid shots..Great fun!


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