It amazes me…What on earth they see in my blog I do not know…. but my regular readers are a frighteningly intelligent bunch, well versed in all things literary, scholars one and all, so I won’t bother referencing my title today……

When it comes to ‘deep romantic chasms’, Birmingham has got’em in spades…Step off to the side of most of the main shopping thoroughfares, and you’re lost  in a warren of dog-leg alleyways. Many of them have forgotten their purpose, leading nowhere… or, at best to a grid-iron door marked exit…(From what?…Too existential for me)…While others stumble away  in a drunken crescent before spewing you back into the real world, only feet from where you started.

These shots were taken as an antidote to the ‘people’ shots of yesterday. I was smack in the middle of the city, yet totally alone…….

Images taken on my Nikon D5000 with Sigma 18-250mm lens.  All handheld using shutter priority, (1/60), and given very little in the way of post processing other than tweaking of the levels and colour balance…

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      The exit sign was on the outside of a door.
      ( incidentally locked from the inside, I checked..)…..
      If I were a phiserlosserphizer I could have had a field day with that alone…

      …..and I’m the savage…Grrr!


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