Before I kick off, apologies to everyone who has  posted a like or a comment over the last couple of days…I promise I will reply as soon as possible, but as per usual at the start of the week things are manic ….

I have an absolute aversion to ‘Tourist’ photos…I’m FAR too ARTY for all of that nonsense My Dear…However sometimes something ‘Touristy’ is just too damn gorgeous to ignore, so all of my ideals have gone flying out of the window with these shots of the Bridgnorth Cilff Railway or Funicular..

Bridgnorth is home to the best butcher in the Midlands, ( shout out for Mr Beaman), and today,  the rampantly carnivorous Mrs SHPics thrust me into car and, at speeds you wouldn’t believe, chauffeured me to Low Town in search of T-bone steaks..

The rain was never far away, but after the petrifying journey, I was in dire need of coffee so we took the cliff carriage up to High Town and I was allowed to snap some shots on the way. I’ve posted some Wiki information at the end of the post for those of you who fancy a bit of history, but I just love the thing for its faded beauty, (and because its only a quid and you get to avoid the steps, but that doesn’t sound half as poetic).

Nikon D5000…iso 400…1/60 second. Nuff said!


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I did some shots about a week ago of a helter skelter and some swings which really reminded me of a book cover of an Enid Blyton book I read as a kid….So…the book cover things not completely accidental, as I’ve been sticking to a similar technique over the last few posts….Really glad you like them and thanks so much for letting me know….Thanks for dropping in.
      All the best


  1. beingjulz

    I’m so glad you through your ideals out the window for this post! What fun and what great pictures. I’m sure this has been photographed plenty but I’m sure your abilities just added to the wonderful results you got. Thank you for sharing these as I had not seen the likes of this before.


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