Two more of my ‘Fantasy Building’ composite image series that I seem to return to every time insomnia rears its ugly head…

If I could take photos in the middle of the night, while remaining completely silent so as not to disturb the gently rumbling Mrs SHPics, then I would…But unfortunately I’m not a quiet kind of guy…Even the tremulous  trip from darkened bedroom to laptop-lit study involved multiple collisions, stubbed toes and mumbled curses so I’m lucky I got away with it.

Once safely esconsed, I found myself looking through some  images I took at the monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe in the Extremadura region of central Spain on a motorcycle tour last year.

I’d never done anything with them..Whenever I make a major trip I tend to come back with a heck of a lot of images and like most people ‘cherry pick’ the images that have the most initial impact..Occasionally re-visiting the files seems to be a good way of finding the shots that you didn’t know you liked quite as much as you now find you do…Know what I mean?

Anyway, I’d pretty much forgotten most of what I learned about the monastery, so fired up Wikipedia where the first words I read referred to how the architecture of the place had ‘evolved’ over centuries..Now I like ‘evolve’..Its one of those words that opens things up a bit, sexily stretches’em, reproduces them, twists’em, squidges’em and makes’em bigger and better than they were before, a bit like Steve Austin or an amphibious Gazelle.

So The Goddess Insomnia and a very handsome ‘Old Man in the Sun’ have enjoyed a libidinous night of ‘making shapes’ and these are their offspring.

(I’m knackered now, so I can’t tell if this is evolution or whether I’m looking at a pair of Dodo’s…..I suppose only time will tell, a sentiment no doubt shared by more than one supreme being….Can there be more than one?…In SHPics Laptop World there can)

The composite images were both made from a single source file each. The top one used over 10 layers while the second used only 3. Original images taken on my fuji compact, (motorbikes and DSLRs dont really mix). I converted to black and white in computer which is something I hate doing, but I felt these images needed to be monotone as they’re all about line and tone…unfortunately the compact wont shoot in B&W, so no choice..

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks SG…I was looking at an Escher pop up last week, so that and some De Chirico paintings I’d seen again recently were definitely kicking around in my noodle……(and the film ‘Labyrinth’ but that doesn’t sound half as intellectual so thats our secret OK?)


      1. scillagrace

        So I had to look up De Chirico and the images I saw reminded me of the Beatles Yellow Submarine (you know, the hallway with all the doors and the stuff going in & out) and Monty Python collage stuff. Labyrinth is right in there. I don’t know what’s “intellectual”; in my brain it’s all in the same pot.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I find it easy to judge ‘whats not’ intellectual.. potato prints, fart jokes, Mark Wahlberg, etc..
        I admit I sometimes struggle with the ‘what is’ category..
        I find a good rule of thumb is to stand in front of a mirror, cup your chin in your right hand and squint knowingly at yourself while saying the name of the subject..Cracking up means its not intellectual..Try it with ‘Mark Wahlberg’ and ‘Post Modernism’ and you’ll see what I mean..’Post Modernism’ can barely raise a smile.

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