I’m contrary to a fault….The sky is suddenly as blue as a very blue thing and I’ve got an uncontrollable urge to shoot in black and white…Bonkers.

Anyway.. I took a flying visit to The Black Country Living Museum on the way into town this morning, and everything was looking really nice and crispy…it was cold, but that lovely spring light that seems to give everything a bit of an outline was really working its mojo..

I shot black and white in camera and with the exception of boosting levels a little in the sky around the chimney these are ‘straight out of the box’…which is pretty unusual for me.

I do need, (once again), to apologise to everyone who has commented or ‘liked’ my blog over the last couple of days. I hate not replying straight away but the demon work has kicked in big-style so time is tight..I WILL reply to everyone as soon as is humanly possible.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. hellenjc

    Ahhh gorgeous B&W. I love the 2nd shot too… Class angle trouble is it gavew me a touch of vertigoand I’ve had quite enough f these last 2 days ( see 1500 saturdays tomorrow for details !) … and how very dare you have blue sky !! Well okay I did have some myself today!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Now then…that third shot…funny you should mention that…..Rather similar to a (cracking) shot posted on your own pages very recently don’t you think?
      I can state categorically if I hadn’t seen your shot I would have walked straight past this piece of machinery..(because I have on at least 10 occasions in the past)…..I’ve just never ‘seen’ it before..It’s always been just something I step around to get to a canal bridge and buildings that I’ve photographed a lot over the years….Always new opportunities, even in the most well trodden places if something opens up your eyes to what you are missing…
      Thanks Melanie


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