If you were hoping for shots of  some skinny, Bambi eyed, gormless looking dollybird, jumping out of a Mini Cooper and flashing her knickers then I’m sorry to dissapoint…However if, like me, you get your kicks from rubbing yourself up against an accomodating branch, or other close encounters of the twig kind, you’ll be well away…

The light in SHPics Palace Gardens was, for a short while this afternoon, quite spectacular…(sadly a very short while so only one shot)… It was directional, (always good), low, (ditto), and, once I’d given my polarizing filter a couple of highly trained and skilful twists, (it’s all in the wrist), did a magnificent job of bringing out the colours in  this dwarf willow.

Anyway, once I’d cropped the image square, (and tried to ignore the fact that my first impression was of an unhealthy lung biopsy), it reminded me of some shots I took back in late Autumn last year,( before bloggolitis kicked in), so I’ve included those as well. No extra charge…I know…. My generosity is a constant amazement.

Re-visiting these, I realised how  absolutely desperate I am to see some big fat deciduous leaves again…Autumn seems such a long time ago.

The last three images were all shot on my fuji compact while the willow shot at the head was the Nikon D5000/Sigma 18-250 combination.


All Images Copyright Stuart allan Hyde

  1. hellenjc

    Those gorgeous colours…. would be interested to see them if you reduced the amount of contrast a tad and the brightness too.. for a more gentle effect? Particularly with number 3?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hmmmm…maybe I shouldn’t read too closely between these lines?…..
      (Hand on heart, I do struggle with subtlety. ‘Gentle’ is not big in my repertoire….I will give it a bash explore the possibilities, and let you know).


  2. scillagrace

    I was thinking Jackson Pollack, but lung biopsy is more shocking. I get ecstatic about autumn colors and the gentle palette that you did get in shot number 2 is absolutely faerie-like to me. It’s a girlie thing, probably, so thanks for indulging me!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I wish I’d gone for Pollock..After the biopsy crack I had trouble eating my spaghetti..
      That second image is by far my favourite so I’m really glad that one struck a chord…It’s a boy thing too.
      Thanks SG 🙂


  3. hellenjc

    It’s something I am trying to learn and have struggled with too Stuart.. that less can often be more ( learning this from people like Karen- Draw and Shoot and Mimo ).. worth trying… if you remember my Bleakness posts produced the most comments and likes too I think, which was very interesting to me and unexpected.


  4. marinachetner

    I like these so much – the second would look great as a huge print on an exposed brick wall! And the 3rd looks like a stained glass window. Love the last for its colour. I really enjoyed these!


      1. marinachetner

        you’d be surprised how many churches have been converted into homes, stores, hotels… PS I started tinkering with Photoshop in my latest post. What a goldmine that program is!

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Marina….What are these strange enchantments I get, the moment you’re near? ;-0
        I’ve had one (very swift) look at your post but want to spend a bit longer with it…I’ll check out your PShopping….Everyone who takes the plunge seems to fall in love with the programme so I’m really glad you’ve had a shufti at it… Incidentally Boston is VERY high on my list of forthcoming attractions..I’m planning a few days in Iceland later this year and makes sense to go on to Boston if I can wangle enough time…Manchester/Reykavik/Boston works out a really good value with Icelandair…. :-))


      3. marinachetner

        if you can make it to Boston, I recommend it. You know NY is only 4/5 hrs drive away…! I really enjoyed Cambridge – I like thinking of it as Boston’s Left Bank. I haven’t posted on it, but will do soon! Let me know of your plans!

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Thats the trouble with loving travel…Iceland becomes Boston becomes NYC becomes buying a motorbike and staying on the road for two or three months and ‘Doing America!!’…For three years running now I’ve planned just a short trip and they always just grow and grow and grow…..We went to Cambodia for 8 days last February and got home in April….MARINA…DON’T TEMPT ME!

      5. marinachetner

        i hear you Stuart – travel is addictive. I like the idea of an American road trip – I have done it a couple of times and it is worth it – just make sure you select your cities carefully and let everything in between be a pleasant surprise (do Route 66!). If the time affords it, you should do it. There’s no time like the present… I guess that’s what you may have told yourself in Cambodia! I love that story – please post on it and share some of your photos!

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      It’s amazing isnt it?…I’ve worked there a few times over the last ten years or so but have never been there ‘at liberty’….Quite frustrating to say the least… so I’ve promised myself that this year I will put it right!!!


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I wish…..
        Once on a vehicle Launch..(Freelander to the North American market), and the other times on incentive travel programmes….Exciting in that I’ve seen a lot of the hard to reach places but frustrating in that I was invariably too knackered to really appreciate it…18 hour days were short days….I jest not.

  5. hellenjc

    Well I hope you get a chance to take a leisurely drive round it this time… if you haven’t been to Vik beach do go there and say hello to that basalt cliff , wonderful black pebbly beach and crashing waves.. one of my most favourite of places !


  6. hellenjc

    Some great waterfalls on the South Coast..

    Take a look at a few of my texture photos ( OH I wish I’d had my lovely camera then… )


    I was there with a group called Traveleyes as one of the sighted travellers and acted as sighted guide to those with a visual impairment.. a truly multi sensory experience..


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hellen…wow!…That first set of images really is something…The Vik beach ones are good as well but the first set really are a bit special and remind me what has struck me most when I’ve been there…The way colours literally pile up on top of each other….Oh I’ve got to go back.


      1. hellenjc

        Thank you Stuart ( I must revisit them and sharpen them up a bit… ) you’ll probably see some of them on Photomania at some point !

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