I took these shots last summer, in Tordesillas in the Valladolid province, Castile and Leon, central Spain..The adventurous thrill-seeking Mrs SHPics and I were on a motorbike tour, camping just outside of town on the river Duero for the two nights of the summer festival..

Now .. give me a few dishes of Tapas, a litre or so of Rioja, a camera, streets full of pretty girls with flowers in their hair AND a drop dead gorgeous ‘fellow traveller’ dressed head to foot in leather, and  I’m a very happy man…

It was one of those ‘step back in time’ evenings….So I treated the shots accordingly…

Oh…and the only reason I’m posting these is because I’ve just heard PiL’s ‘Flowers of Romance’ ..Not even remotely Spanish…Poles apart…But I remember it going through my head while I was shooting….Majorly tenuous I know but thats how my addled old mind works..

(I’ll keep what I was going to post for another day)


Both shots have been softened, toned and aged using Photoshop…Crisp and modern just didn’t cut it.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. scillagrace

    It’s nice to hear that “softened” and “aged” sparks of romance. Makes me (and the other ripe cheeses of the world) feel complimented. Top shot is nicely crafted for a memoir!


  2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    Being both ‘softened’ and ‘aged’ myself, I am bound to agree…(Though I must add that ‘softening’ and ‘romance’ aren’t the best bed-fellows.. ..or so they tell me…)
    I must draw the line at ‘Ripe Cheese’ however….It has something of the flatulent about it…. I dont like the sound of that at all…


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Maybe I shouldn’t admit to this but I’ve found that, if I’m shooting people, the shots I take while inebriated are often the most succesful…(I’m going to start carrying a hipflask next to my portrait lens)…..I know I was absolutely three sheets to the wind when I took these.
      Glad you like them Hellen.


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