I’m once again re-visiting my youth…This time with slightly more of a pay-off.

Not far from the Fenn Pool which I visited a few days ago is an area called Barrow Hill. With a name like that you can imagine some of the stories that surround the place, and its deep, shadowy woods do little to dispel the dark reputation it holds locally.

Stories of witches covens abound, and even a highly trained, martial arted-up, Ninja Assasin Killing Machine like me, still felt a frisson of something slightly creepy when I wandered off the beaten track in search of photos this afternoon.

It was another of those shoots where a single piece of music wouldn’t leave me alone…so, some credit please to Pete Murphy and Bauhaus whose ‘Hollow Hills’ got me into the vibe.

In reality the name Barrow Hill has no connection to any ancient earthworks or buried wights…The area was an open cast mine back in the 1800’s so the barrows were of the handheld variety, but what an evocative name.

In case anyones interested I’ve popped a youtube link to the BauHaus song below…(That takes me back even more than these shots of a childhood stamping ground.)

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde






  1. cidnlars

    So beautiful and eerie at the same time. The steps look like something out of a fairy tale…like they lead into a magical land, far far away…I’m sure the many stories are enchanting.


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