I’ve probably mentioned before, that walking through the dark heart of the West Midlands with half decent camera gear hanging around your neck can be a little dicey…Point a camera at anyone in the street and they immediately think you are a benefit investigator and either start walking with a limp or try to kill you before you can write a report…given that even the three year olds are usually tooled up, I’ve pretty much got into the habit of leaving the DSLR at home.

Luckily, yesterday evening as I was driving homeward through Bilston, (Don’t unlock the doors!!..For Chrissake, don’t unlock the doors!), I had the cameraphone on hand to shoot a pretty dramatic skyline. Ten minutes later and the light had gone completely so I was pleased to get these through the car window…They were extremely ‘woolly’, (even locked in the car I was trembling), but I’ve tried to accentuate the softness rather than compensating for it…



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.


Oh..I try to mention this every now and again..If you click on the ‘Daily Photo Blog’ logo at the top left of the page, you get a quick jump to a visual of recent posts…Makes navigation a little easier…Cheers Everyone, enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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