Whats this?

No photo at the head of the page?

Is something amiss?

Is the Nikon nicked? The phone philandered?

Has Mrs SHPics absconded with the footman?


Worse I’m afraid….I have just suffered my first Bloggin’ crisis….I am feeling very sorry for myself as I have Laryngitis and can barely speak and have spent most of the day like a bear with a sore head. Ten minutes ago I was on my way to bed un-blogged, blog free, blogless, a blog free zone AND I didn’t care!!!!!!

But…How crap will I feel tomorrow if I don’t post something?..

So Here we go.

A mixture, a hotchpotch, a miscellany. A few shots that I’ll never use anywhere else.

Enjoy!! And if you don’t, don’t worry……I feel better already!

I’ll Have the Black Pair!


I Luv U Mickey!

Many A True Word!

Lokkin’ Chilly!

Captain Sir Charles ‘Charlie’ Chucky Chas ChickenLegs Chalfont Cholmondely Charlton…..AKA Spooky, who loves it when I’m ill as he can sit on my lap all day.


  1. scillagrace

    I love the miscellany of the mind and the images that lurk there. This is a fabulous post to me! (especially the shoes) Maybe because I often lack focus…and like it that way. Sweet dreams!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi SG….I’m really glad you enjoyed the post…What you said really struck a chord, as I think it would be fair to say, that I’ve turned a lack of focus in life into a bit of a mission statement..I like it that way too.


  2. Lemony (Gr)Egghead

    Take care, man, and get some rest and have a snuggle with sweet Spooky! I love the shoes! The composition is really great: my eye falls just splendidly to that shoe in the 2nd row from the top (5th shoe in, or so…). One would think that there’d be no place to land in that sea of black, but there is! There IS! Wonderful!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      That shoe thing is a fluke..I know exactly what you mean..That one shoe really DOES draw the eye but I had nothing to do with it..Pure Luck!!
      It’s great when you get a totally unexpected result…far better than planning everything to the n’TH degree.
      Thanks Melanie


  3. hellenjc

    Well I think you shuold be feeling ill more often if this is the sort of post we are going to get !.
    What a magnificent jumble of photos..
    Love the inky black shoes and the tones in the canal walk.. gorgeous.
    Hope it’s not man flu!!


  4. fiebs

    Crisis averted! It’s quite an interesting collection. Shoes and the canal are my favorites as well. Hope you’re back in form again!


      1. marinachetner

        yes… especially when you can get some really bad coffee in America… so light that you can see the bottom of your cup…. Black is blacker is blackest.

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