One of my favourite bloggin’ buddies pointed out that the well intentioned but obviously misinformed Mrs SHPics, was not looking after me very well, by providing vegetable soup when any idiot knows the only cure for MAN FLU is chicken soup…(Thats not quite how my bloggin’ chum put it but you get the point…)

Anyway, the unusually calm Mrs SHPics suggested a drive into the Winson Green area of Birmingham this afternoon (not far from the famous high security prison), where she asked me to pull over for a couple of minutes. There was very little of interest on the radio and after a short while I looked up and saw her in conversation with a couple of rather surly looking  gentleman in hooded cardigans, both of whom seemed to need to hold there trousers up with one hand..??..Still I know I shouldn’t judge ..The two had, just that minute, left the gates of the penitentiary so I imagine they were volunteers of some sort. I’m guessing their suitcases were full of reading materials/board games for the inmates.

Anyway to cut a long story short, the socially aware Mrs SHPics obviously donated to whatever charity the fellows were involved with as I saw a substantial amount of notes changing hands before Mrs SHPics, who doesn’t usually wear a headscarf and sunglasses, skipped back to the car and told me to ‘DRIVE!’……

I know she has a standing order payment to the RSPCA and McMillans Nurses, but I felt very proud.

The main reason for the trip out then became apparent when she directed me to pull up outside the Warley Greengrocery/Supermarket pictured above and she went in muttering  “I’ll give him chicken soup alright!”…..

Her recipe for Man Flu Chicken Soup follows:


1 small free range chicken/basmati rice/red onion/celery/ginger/chestnut or button mushrooms/spinach/peas.

Prep…(2 hours before cooking.)

Strip the meat from the carcass of a small  free-range chicken.

Make a clear stock from the frame/two sticks celery/one red onion.

The Soup

Steam the meat for 5 minutes or dry fry until cooked through..Shred into small pieces.

Dry fry 250 grammes halved chestnut or button mushrooms. Put to one side.

Fry 1 small finely sliced red onion & 2 finely sliced sticks celery in groundnut oil until slightly translucent. Put to one side.

Boil or steam 200 grammes Basmati rice.

Bring the strained stock to a gentle simmer.

Finely dice a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger and add to the stock.

Add the fried onions/celery/mushrooms and basmati rice.

Warm through for 5 minutes.

Add the peas & spinach.

Finally added the shredded chicken..continue to heat for a further 30 seconds.

Serve with a sprinkle of spring onions and light soy sauce to taste…


I must say it was absolutely delicious and I was very keen to tell my bloggin’ friend who had made the suggestion in the first place…I still dont know why Mrs SHPics burst into hysterical laughter…..She’s a funny girl.

The photos were both taken with my Samsung galaxy S2 using the standard camera and processed using Pixlr-o-matic.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

(I’ll have to dash I can hear a lot of sirens right outside the door.)

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Yes..It was great…
      The nice policeman informed me that there was a secret ingredient, but I will have to wait until she is released before I find out what it was….
      Whatever, my throat feels a lot better and I’ve noticed that I have developed the ability to float 3 inches above the floor and converse with those little green sheep that live on the mantlpiece..


  1. Dave

    My first visit, Stuart. I’m home sick today checking out Fresh Pressings and here you are, so I take a look at the titles of your recent posts and start laughing as best a sick man can because I’m eating chicken soup when I see your post. “This should be great reading!” And it was, right up until I saw the picture of Mrs SHPic’s remarkable homemade Chicken Man Soup. Now I’m crying in my disgraceful bowl of Campbell’s.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Dave…if it’s soup and it’s chicken it will do the trick…Manflu is a tricky beast, but those two ingredients, be they prepped by wives or Campbells, (or even a combination of both),will have it sorted in no time.
      Get well soon & thanks for popping in.


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