OK..So the sun WAS out in Birmingham this afternoon, but ‘Chess Alfresco’?????

This was taken by the  ‘World Famous’ Rag-Market,(or so the sign would have us believe), I reckon the guy in the hat was only a couple of moves away from victory, that’s one hell of a confident look!

A few more ‘Brum in the sort of sun’ shots:

I’ve been trying to find street art in Birmingham for about 2 months now…In all honesty it seems really thin on the ground but there are a couple of things I really liked, and isn’t that red wall like a piece of art in itself?



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. hellenjc

      I agree Scilla..he looks a bit like he’s acting a part in a soap opera… loving the red too Stuart you’re obviously getting in the mood for Brazil.


  1. marinachetner

    loving the street art escapades – the third photo is cool. I wish that was on the side of my building. And that guy in the checkered hat looks so cool. Great expressive shot!


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