I had a busy afternoon driving willy nilly, hither and thither, ( phrases you just don’t hear often enough in my book), with little time to think about blogging… But, as is often the case, something random gives you a bit of a shove.

Today, it was some ruddy awful DJ with a Stoke on Trent accent suddenly blaring from my car radio, I was just making a quick grab for the dial when he announced Scott Walker, and ‘Windows Of The World’…..Talk about a bolt from the blue..Three minutes of absolute unadulterated bliss…Heaven on vinyl.

So when I got home this evening I did a quick blast through the archives thinking about windows and came across this selection I shot in Salamanca last August… They’re not ‘covered with rain’ but they did ‘let the sun shine through’, so I reckon Burt Bacharach would approve.

Apologies to all of my fellow bloggers who I haven’t replied to….I will, as soon as I get a minute.

   Oh and one final image…Not really much to do with windows…But hey, if you expect me to apologise for a shot of a pretty girl walking in the sunlight you’re very much mistaken…( and it was taken about twenty seconds after the first image…)

Not wishing to destroy the mood but the comedic Mrs SHPics almost spoiled this photograph for me when she first saw it…Her comment was, “I know why she’s rushing….She’s on her way for a number Two!”…….Heathen!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. hellenjc

    1 and 3 for me.. Particularly 3 actually. I love all that decaying whiteness. ( and I DO wish you’d stop making me jealous with all your placenamedropping !


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