I’m getting desperate for foreign climes….It’s been quite a while now, and much as appreciate the exoticism and mysterious romance of Birmingham, I really am up for a bit of a change…..

OK, the countdown has commenced, but our planned trip  really isn’t coming around quickly enough for me and I keep finding myself re-visiting photos from previous escapades. Early this morning, the culinary Goddess Mrs SHPics happened to ask me if there was anything I particularly wanted food-wise today, just as I called up the photo above of one of Hanoi’s street markets….Big mistake!

As a consequence we’ve spent a good part of the day scouring Birminghams China town and markets for ingredients, and, as I sit here typing, I can hear the chopping of cleaver, the sizzle of groundnut oil, and the squealing of terrified lemon-grass.

It’s 7.00 pm now and I’m about to return to the kitchen to keep her glass topped up and do the ‘grunt’ work…When I return I will be full of ‘GA TIM NU’ONG’, ‘GA CHUA NHOI THIT’ & ‘BO NU’ONG XA’  plus the best part of a Grey Mullet cooked in soy with ginger, lemongrass and fish sauce….Hopefully there will be photos……(that depends on how much wine we get through in the cooking process).

I’ll clock in later…….


11.00pm…I’m very full and a little tiddly so if you expected a recipe I’m sorry but I’m going to let you down like a cheap pair of tights.

Suffice to say…Mrs SHPics is a kitchen magician!!!  Born in Liverpool but cooks like a south east asian Gallopin’ Gourmet!!

Photo’s follow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously I’m ashamed I haven’t posted the recipes but I really am far too piss*d……It was delicous and if you google any of the names I gave you in the first half of the blog you’ll have a very good idea of what we’ve just consumed….DeeeeeLeeeeeChusssssss!

All Images taken with the Samsung galaxy camera phone using the Retro camera app.    …(Straight out of the box).

Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

p.s. We didn’t even cook the grey Mullet…FAR TOO MUCH NOSH!!

Look at that table and there are only two of us…No wonder I’m a tubby little Fuc*er!

  1. hellenjc

    Lordy!! Those Liverpudlians sure know how to cook ! and mind your language Stuart !!!! There are ladies present…not me but I’m sure there are others.. like Scilla for example !


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      What did I do the deserve this?…………I am 5’10” of pure unadulterated LOVE GOD!
      (She knows where her bread’s buttered)…..

      and as for guests………THEY EAT YOUR FOOD!!!!! NO THANKYOU!!!!!


      1. scillagrace

        Shucks. Can’t blame me for trying. Enjoy your leftovers! I posted a Windows-theme blog yesterday and linked to your post. Hope you don’t mind.

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