Not far from SHPics regular stamping grounds is the village of Wombourne, often referred to as the largest village in England. It does seem to consist of one very similar housing estate after another, but in amongst all of the boring little hutches, (sorry wombournites), are a couple of fabulous walks.

Today I had a quick toddle along the South Staffordshire Railway Walk which follows the route of an old railway branch line.Β  The rails are long gone but the man-made cleft through the countryside remains. The sandstone sides are some thirty or forty metres deep, cracked and pitted, run through with root and branch and daubed in colour-splashes of moss and lichen.

The day was dull as dishwater and I was without tripod…so I whacked up the iso settings to full throttle (6400) and used an aperture of f11, handholding down to about 15th of a sec, so its all a bit noisy and soft but the colours you see are pretty much the way it looked..I’ve boosted the overall vibrancy a little and sharpened things up but I really didn’t want to do too much else to these shots as I was so blown away by the range of tone and colour straight out of the box.


I was amazed that I took these some 10 minutes from where I live and they reminded me of nothing more than Cambodian temple ruins.


This was taken at Ta Prohm.

Hope you like’em…..


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

      1. Jeremy Gradney

        You would be surprised at how these colors look in an outfit. In fact, your photos got me thinking – umber pants with a light green shirt?

        Again, great photos.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Jeremy…Its a thought but I don’t think I could carry that look off….I reckon it would draw a little to much attention to the waistline…..In my case that is definitely to be avoided.

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