Now, we all know that there was some really great architecture in the 60’s, and by the same token we know that there was some bordering on the criminal. The area surrounding to soon to be defunct Birmingham library is a case in point. However, I for one, am perfectly willing to forgive whoever was responsible for this appallingly ugly lump of decaying concrete…Why?…Because anyone with a sense of irony this finely honed can’t be all bad…

Ladies and Gentleman I give you PARADISE PLACE.

Put one foot in this place and immediately it feels like it’s crushing you…..The two  drying pools, fenced and split by  green/grey walkways conjure up a japanese garden from hell…even the reflections struggle to find the sky.

All of this beauty AND it smells like a dossers shorts.

Enjoy! (If you can…..)


The graffiti is not the best example of street art in the world but I simply had to include it for the colour.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. hellenjc

    I love the colour of the graffitti, it really lifts this interesting series although on the whole the B&W is more effective for this subject matter. Someone was having a laugh calling it Paradise Place!!
    Bit like the electronic recording system we have at work which is called Swift and is anything but!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Swift!! ha ha….Oooooh I do love the heavy-handed variety of irony…..particularly when you know that it was totally unintended in the first place…
      And as for the graffiti….Incredible when what most people consider vandalism is the saving grace for something. What a world!


  2. marinachetner

    You’ve made the concrete paradise look interesting – I’ve looked at the images a few times because of the way you composed the lines and graffiti, the reflections and the angles. I think this would have been a very interesting subject for your to photograph… lost in paradise for a moment, perhaps?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      It was the reflections that really got me juiced….once you got into them it was virtually impossible to distinguish down from up or left from right…really great..and even though I was sarcastic about the place it did have a strange kind of beauty..
      So yes definitely lost in paradise (of a sort)…hopefully soon be lost in one of a totally different variety..
      Be well Marina.


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