I posted a couple of the portraits I shot in Cambodia a short while ago, and a few readers were kind enough to comment on them….so, given that I can’t actually shoot over the next few days I thought I’d drag out a few more Cambodian ‘people’ shots from the pc archives..

The top two shots are of four sisters from the same family. We were on the second leg of a dirt biking trip from Phnom Penh up to the Northern borders with Laos and Thailand and had stopped in their village for a bit of R&R. The elderly lady in the portrait I posted before was their grandmother. Its amzing what an ice-breaker a digital camera with a screen on the back can be.


The third shot was taken just before we left Cambodia, about 40 clicks south of Siem Reap in a village that spends a large portion of the year in the middle of the Tonle Sap lake.

While we were there it was the dry season, and consequently it was possible to walk through a large part of the stilt village where we saw this second set of sisters, beautifully framed in blue, working on the days crop of morning glory.



The final image, (which I realise is not a people pic at all), was taken a short while later when we found a boat and ventured out onto the lake itself. Chances are I’ll post some further shots from this part of the adventure at a later date.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these shots until I can download and post some of the stuff from our current trip.




All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.





  1. hellenjc

    Brilliant shots! great faces and I especially like that bottom shot.. I am green with envy again! Are you scheduling a few posts for the first few days you are away? I have just discovered that you can do that… very handy šŸ™‚


      1. hellenjc

        Anyway I like green !!!!
        Scheduling is VERY easy… write post as normal top right just below where it says save draft you will see this ” Publish immediately – Edit” click on edit and you will see it will allow you to put in date and time you want to publish… then just click publish and it will show as scheduled and will automatically post when the date and time arives… Cool huh !

  2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    I’m sure green is very becoming…………..
    Now that does SOUND easy… but I guarantee…If anyone could eff it up it would be me….
    I cant even put a link into a post succesfully…I tried to include a wiki link about the Tonle Sap lake but gave up when I lost the whole post for the third time….I kid you not….Though I am a positive colossus, a quasi-genius, a demi-god of all things photographic, I am a window-licking moron of the Nth degree when it comes to anything computeryfied.
    Scheduling?…Nah…I know when I’m beat.


  3. scillagrace

    Enjoy your adventure wholeheartedly! Spread some good will with that digital device with the screen. The smiles it produces are far more valuable than any techno-expertise!


  4. mybeautfulthings

    Love your photos of people and agree that the digital screen can be an amazing icebreaker. Love the discussion about scheduling too as I feel much like you but I think Hellenic might have inspired me for our forthcoming trip to Senegal to our son’s wedding. Thank you Hellenic (can’t find how to link that from my iPad!) hope you are following comments!


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