First off a big big thank you to my Bloggin’ Buddy Helen at ‘’ who took some time away from her Alpaca love affair to give me a bit of advice about scheduling posts for the days when I haven’t got internet access due to travelling…She gave me a gentle nudge in the right direction and if you’re reading this then I guess it must have worked.

Ta Helen…I owe you one.

Also a reminder that I wont be able to reply to your comments as promptly as I usually do (or try to), but I will do my level best to catch up every few days, as and when I can track down an internet cafe.

Today a series of shots I took last January in Seoul, Korea…Minus 9 degrees celcius and we were held up for four days waiting for a flight to Cambodia so only had summer clothes….Brrrrrrrrr!! Luckily the restaurants were warm and serving some of the best food we’ve had anywhere in the world.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Maddalena

    Very nice pictures! I love them! I really enjoy seeing how other countries advertise. Did you happen to see the sign advertising for “Men Only Waxing”? If you come across the one, that will be a shocker. LOL My daughter was just in Seoul last week. I was counting on her sending me photo’s but that of course did not happen. She only sent me the waxing picture. LOL


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      really sorry I havent replied til now…major access issues while I’m travelling and I’ve only just read your comment…..Korea is pretty much top of my ‘Go Back ASAP’ list…I hope we both make it.


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