I’m still travelling, (or at least I should be as I haven’t actually left while I’m writing this….you’re confused…think how I feel!).

But yes, by now I should be fast approaching our first major stop on the trip, just North of Salvador on the northern Bahian coast of Brazil…Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some new pixel patterns on my sensor, and I’ll be able to track down an internet signal and let you see what we’ve been up to…Fingers crossed….

In the meantime, a few more snowy shots of Seoul…

I’ve just realised that I’ve failed to say on the last couple of posts but these Seoul shots were all done with my Fuji compact..purely because you could keep your gloves on to use it…It was FREEZING!!!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.


  1. scillagrace

    Seeing wave after wave of colorful advertising and realizing that it’s all completely lost on someone who doesn’t read the language suddenly struck me as a great irony! Thanks for keeping us entertained even while you are traveling in romantic places with Mrs. SHPics. Don’t hurry on our account…have a nice, slow, lovely time!


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