OK so I’ve failed…….I didn’t (try as I might), manage to find an internet connection, even though in the first few hours I’d been here, I’d shot and prepped loads’n’loads’n’loads of beachy Brazil images….Total failure!…..Life’s a beach bitch! (Never let it be said that I knowingly pass a pun, even if it is the worst, most clichéd pun currently available to the English speaking world…If it’s good enough for Alan Bennett its good enough for SHPics).

However, I’ve decided to take it on the chin, adopt the British stiff upper lip and not cheat…( I was tempted to back date a couple of posts so there wasn’t a gap in my Postaday record but who would I be fooling?  Not Me! That attitude wouldn’t have built an Empire…That’s the attitude that lost the bloody thing!)

So, there is a gap in my 2012 postaday extravaganza, and I apologise sincerely to each and everyone one of you, and hope that your last few days were not spent pacing the room, wringing your hands, distraught with worry about your globetrotting shutter-thumping hero.

Anyway enough of this feeble excuse making…It’s not your problem if the only internet café for 40 klicks in either direction has closed down! So I’m preparing these next few blogs in advance with the intention to hit the highway on Monday, which is when you will be reading this if all goes to plan, and pre-schedule about a weeks worth of daily blogs…

I’m guessing if you’re reading this then I managed to find a connection…..SO…..

I’m back, and to prove it I’m here…

Contrary  is my middle name…. SH(Contrary)Pics travels to the most colourful place in the world and starts the blog with a black and white shot….Wouldn’t you just like to kick my arse?

The gate leads from SHPICS South America Incorporated down to the Atlantic, about 80 yards away, and the first time I lift the thin rusty wire that holds it fastened, is always my favourite of the stay. On Saturday  I woke at 5.30, just as the sun came up, and I lifted the wire at 5.33, cut-off jeans, bare feet and a Nikon.



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