In Brazil it’s not just the sun that can blind you…Everything seems just that little bit more colourful, that little bit more vibrant.


The strip of land we live on has the beach to the East and behind it , to the west, a freshwater lagoon fed by the river Poujuca. Consequently the approach takes you through some incredibly fertile land. There are two or three areas given over to nurseries or Bioflora concerns supplying  plants and trees to the local area developments  and for the more affluent parts of Salvador, so even though inland Bahia tends to be flat scrubland, (with the exception of the Chapada which we hope to make a trip to on this stay), parts of the local area seem almost tropical..

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde..

p.s. If your wondering how I’m managing to write on here all of a sudden all is explained in tomorrows post which I wrote yesterday before I wrote this…Confused? think how I feel..this scheduling lark is the work of the devil…..


  1. scillagrace

    Gorgeous, vibrant & HAPPY! Raise a caipirinha for me! Does Mrs. SHPics make feijoada? (Memories of an exchange student from Sao Paolo whom my parents hosted years ago come back to me…great parties!)


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