I’ve driven a hell of a way to make this post…A village local to SHPics South America does have an internet cafe but you have to use their machines and it is impossible to post anything other than images as the keyboard is fried….Hence the drive…..So I will use my opportunity and schedule a few posts while I’m here but I’m really pushed for time so will be brief….

It’s really frustrating not being able to post properly and I really appreciated the kind things that some of you have posted…..I MISS YOU TOO!     (but not enough to make me rush home…you do understand)….

Anyway…What do we have here?

Brazilian beach babes are beautiful… of course, they’re famous for it…but, even though it’s a bit like taking coal to Newcastle, the most beautiful girl on the beach is the mermaid like Mrs SHPics..(and thats not just because she’s the only girl on this particular beach)…

All Images copyright Don Stuarto Hyde

  1. Helen Cherry

    Something is definitely up./. I had this post in my email a few days ago, clicked on the link but it was gone! now it’s here again .. MrsSHpics is a cracker and in such great shape..how does she do it with all that great food she cooks !


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I can’t help but admit…………….occasionally………..every now and again………..when I can’t stop myself………..and guilt doesn’t kick in………..I do feel like a smug bastard…….but can I just add…..I do have my humble moments. …..MANIACAL LAUGHTER……..:-)


  2. Wanderlustress

    I am intrigued by your drive (figurative) to blog. Why is it so important to you to go through great lengths to post? Of course other than showing off your hot wife! I’ve often left many dishes piled in the sink and sometimes don’t cook dinner for my husband and kids because I get.stuck.blogging, but to be in a beautiful country, with a beautiful wife, and with lots to explore, what’s the urgency?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      sorry its taken so long to reply……(two whole weeks of internet frustrations…Aaaargh!)
      but the situation out here regarding internet (or lack of internet) has left me thinking about exactly this for weeks now…..
      In answer I simply dont know!!!
      I ought to be perfectly happy taking the pictures knowing I could post when I get back to the UK, but…maybe because I decided on January the first to post everyday, not being able to really REALLY upsets me…(sounds of teeth gnashing)…
      I’ve found the discipline of both blogging AND taking pictures each and everyday incredibly rewarding…(I’m enjoying photography more than I have for years)….for some reason being thwarted in posting the shots AND replying to comments that people make leaves me feeling as if I’ve some strange loss of function..Maybe surgery to graft a permanent internet connection into my bonce is the answer…..


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