I thought it was about time I let you know a little more about the current whereabouts of your favourite intrepid duo, Mr & Mrs SHPics…..

Itacimirim is the name of what used to be a fishing community about 40 klicks North of Salvador  in the state of Bahia, northern Brazil. A few small boats remain, maybe 15 or so, still fishing commercially from the 10 kilometres of unbroken beach, but the village itself is long gone. Though the Brazilian Navy owns the first 80 metres of all coastal land from the shore line, virtually all of the land behind the tree line has been sold and turned into beach front properties owned primarily by wealthy Salvadorians. With the exception of a handful of Poussada’s, (restaurants/bars with rooms to rent) and even fewer Baraca’s, (bars without the rooms), there is very little visible from the beach as all of the developments are low rise, and even the newer ones are quickly hidden by vegetation.  Further North, around Praia do Forte, condominiums and developments are larger and more intrusive, but at least here in Itacimirim, the authorities seem to be managing to contain the more rapacious developers and things remain, visibly at least, unspoiled. …. But I do find myself wondering about the village that has simply disappeared. Though we are spending money here, I suspect foreign investors, like the relatively few wealthy Brazilians enjoying the countries current boom, are not contributing a great deal to normal Brazilian lives. The locals who used to work and live here are being pushed back inland, in the case of Itacimirim to a town/village called Poujuca a good 2 klicks from the coast…not great if you’re a fisherman. We’ve been coming here for eight years, and a huge amount of money has been spent on developments along the coast, but with the exception of some basic improvements in the major roads, I’d be lying if I said I’d seen many tangible improvements to the everyday lives of the local Brazilians.

So..Its the same as anywhere else in the world, scratch the surface and you’ll find all sorts of stuff, some of it not so nice….. It’s not going to stop me making the most of my time here, but I hope I’m not missing too much.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Sitting under palm trees is very VERY dangerous………….I can see it now..’Helen Cherry, (incidentally you really should be a caberet entertainer with that monicker), Killed by Coconut’….promise me you will put all such thoughts out of your head….I didnt have you pegged as the kind of girl with such a wanton disregard for your own safety……WISE UP!


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