Your mission, Mr SHPics, should you choose to accept it is to walk no further than a hundred yards in a westerly’ish direction and snap whatever you see. Take no longer than one hour as the ever-hungry Mrs SHPics will expect you to be on breakfast duty when she emerges from under the sheets.

(It had to be West as going East involves drowning which is as bad for on-a-mission photographers as it is for everyone else…)

The first shot is of the palm up against SHPics South America bedroom window.

100 yards inland takes you beside the weathered walls of three or four properties, onΒ  a sand track to where a shallow bridge crosses the freshwater lagoon on the way to Barro do Poujuca..So thats’s as far as I got….Plans are to continue photographing the route to Poujuca over a few posts. You’ll see the lagoon tomorrow….Patience is a virtue.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


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