Continued on my multi- stage trek to Poujuca this morning….the first thing I passed after the lagoon was the honey farm…You’ll know, if you’ve read this blog before, that my (very literal) mind, usually comes up with a song for most photographing situations, and I was soon humming The Supremes’ “Honey-bee, keep on stinging me”, but for some reason it didn’t stick, just didn’t feel quite right… so with a bit of a samba-esque twirl, a tango-like dip, and a hint of the galloping Gordons,(Damn attractive, even if I say so myself), I segued melodically into “Teenage kicks” by the Buzzcocks..

This fit the bill perfectly and I’m still doing my best Feargal Sharkey impression now…hours later…

So credit please for ‘The Buzz-Cocks’…………Buzzin’ bees, Buzzards, Buzzin’ electricity pylons and a gorgeous tatty old truck laying abandoned immediately behind the Buzz-stop…(told you it was tenuous)…

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi….I’m balancing on top of a rock with a borrowed Brazzo mobile as a hotspot…typing with one finger and holding on for dear life!……Oh the fun of international blogging!!!!
      Glad you like the B&W…..

      AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TENUOUS!!!!!!! Teenage kicks is by The Undertones not The Buzzcocks…DOH! Talk about making a fool of yourself!!!!!!!!!
      (Stupid stupid stupid MR SHPics)


      1. Helen Cherry

        I know it was John Peel’s favourite song.. but I wasn’t going to chow you up by mentioning it 😉 and anyway you were a bit right as the Buzzcocks covered it too 😉

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