Well I finally made it as far as the outskirts of the village…..and stopped!

That’s the problem with doing this ‘just photograph one area a day’ kinda challenge…Last night I had a bit of a skin full so by the time I got as far as Poujuca this morning I was totally knackered.

Consequently there’s not much variety in today’s shots I’m afraid…..Sorry! Really I am, but I’m starting to go a ‘bit native’……there’s always tomorrow!

All of these shots were taken in the yard of the Borracharia…(That’s the town mechanic to you and me). The autumny fence lies to the East of the yard, and the most beautiful tree I think I’ve ever seen, lies to the West…..Given that the chappie who runs this ‘Centre of Mechanical Excellence’ seems to have only three spanners and  half a dozen ruptured tyres to his name, I reckon most breakdowns are a protracted affair….At least you’d have something nice to look at.

All Images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Ta Chuck!
      I do wish the D5000 had ‘scratch and sniff’ technology…..that would have shoved the richness factor right off the scale…..you could smell the blossom from a good fifty yards away…
      (I think I might have mentioned before..GorGEOUS GorGEOUS TREE!!)


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