No doubt there’ll be a fair number of waterfall shots over the nest few posts as the Chapada Diamantina has got hundreds of’em, but I thought we’d kick off with the one smack in the middle of Lencois village, home for our stay in the national park.

Cross the bridge that divides the village into two, turn left, walk about fifty metres and you’ll find a set of stone steps that take you right onto the falls. At this time of year the flow is very gentle and you can make your way from one side to the other without wetting anything more than your flipflops. These shots were taken just after dawn when the air was still cool.

Right at the top of where of where the ground starts to fall away is the largest of the pools…I haven’t been able to find out what the building behind is (or was), but I couldn’t quite get over how beatiful it looked in the first light. The steps leading onto the falls are just to it’s left in the shot below.



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Now its funny you should ask that (very pertinent) question…..My tootsies were replanted on the soil of the mothercountry some 48 hours ago…MAJOR whirlwind since, due to my demented matriarch throwing all sorts of wobblies, but I should actually be back at SHPics UK HQ, and with my own internet connection (HURRAH) some time this afternoon…..
      Given that my final forward scheduled post is due to hit cyberspace very soon this should mean no further hiccups in posting…AND I will get to catch up on what photo-delights you’ve been blogging…Better be good!


      1. marinachetner

        Glad the sun is shini’ over there. It’s been summer weather here today, and yesterday. I couldn’t even stand to go to Bikram yoga from fear of dehydrating 😉

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