Ask the man in the street to name a Brazilian woman and I reckon, 9 times out of 10 you’ll get  nothing….

1 time out of 10, (if you’re lucky), you’ll get Giselle Bundchen…

She wasn’t in Lencois.

But do you know something? Hand on heart I think Giselle is way way way over-rated…. plus I cant afford her day-rate…….. photographing these Brazilian girls was cheap and a lot of fun.

(Though I should point out, with my debonair charm and ageless good looks, street photography can be a risky business. The foxy lady on the step in the glasses, definitely took a bit of a shine to me, (no shortsighted gags please)…..Where’s the very territorial Mrs SHPics when you need her?)


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

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