I made this ascent with a group of people all of whom were about half my age, towards the end of a day when I’d trekked some 7 kilometres, zip-wired, climbed up and down two waterfalls, crawled through a (huge) series of pitch-black natural caverns with a hand torch and swam across a river (or two)……Oh the fun they all had giggling at the old guy with the red face. By the time I finally caught up and reached the top, they were thinking about climbing back down again as there was still one more waterfall on the agenda….

Luckily the water-bottle bearing, (but also giggling), Mrs SHPics was on hand and I managed to shoot these pix while she decided whether to signal for a rescue helicopter.

These were taken hand held on my Nikon D5000, crucially with a polarizing filter..I never take the polarizer off the lens but for these shots it really proved its worth.

On another note….here at SHPics we take complaints VERY seriously……my friends Helen and Scilla felt short-changed with yesterdays black and white offerings, (some people are so hard to please).. Given that I’m risking the same today, here’s a couple of colour shots taken at the Cachoeira do Diabo featured yesterday.

All Images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

(and Helen, though you might not believe it, the colours are pure and unadulterated).

  1. scillagrace

    You’re so sweet to accommodate us! The photos are superb. We could debate the color vs. b&w, and I can think of great examples of both. The mesas evoke Ansel Adams in B&W. Absolutely brilliant (but polarized so as not to be too brilliant!).


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      ‘Sweet’ is my middle name……
      and yes, the B&W versus colour debate always polarizes opinion..(Tee Hee, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen)..
      Me, I’ve no real preference when it comes to what I like to look at, but 9 times out of 10, I prefer shooting in colour coz I think it’s easier….(‘Easy-life’ is my other middle name..)
      Really glad you like these Scilla, I think superb and brilliant are both stretching it a bit but if you like’em I’m happy.


  2. Helen Cherry

    MAGNIFICENT Stuart… agree with Scilla very Ansel Adamish.. I just love them your best to date and the bottom colour shot is class altogether ! and of course I belive you.. the colours don’t look overdone at all !!! just heavenly..


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I need to complain about you two more often….I’ve never had so many compliments……
      (Do you think I’d get away with ‘Magnificent’ as a middle name?….Stuart ‘Magnificent’ Hyde?….No?
      No..Praps’not…I’d have to run off with the circus).


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